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The Energy Management Section concentrates its efforts to promote energy conservation and energy efficient building operations in over 100 general fund buildings on the Ann Arbor campus. General fund supported buildings include academic, administrative, and research buildings, recreational facilities, museums, libraries, theatres and concert halls.
In addition, buildings under the administration of athletics, housing, and the medical center receive Energy Management Section services with funding agreements.

The building pages that follow provide information such as:

  • Building name
  • Building picture
  • Building square footage
  • Building historical energy consumption and expense data for three fiscal years
  • Building energy and consumption data for current fiscal year to date
  • Sampling of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) implemented within the building. ECM's include: annual estimated reduction of energy consumption, annual estimated energy cost savings, annual greenhouse gas emission reduction

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We appreciate your interest in energy management and conservation. Please contact us at Energy Conservation (get address) () if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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